How can I get involved?

“I love I Am Second and what the organization stands for. How can I get involved?”

We love that you want to get involved with us. Here are some examples of how you can do that!

  1. Subscribe to get updates about what’s new and coming soon at I Am Second! Join the Conversation by following us and engaging with our content posted on our website, our blog, and our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). 
  2. Are you Second? Do you Live Second? Discover what it means to become and live Second and connect with people who want to do the same. Learn more here
  3. Join the I Am Second Community: connect and engage with I Am Second in a whole new way as part of our community. You'll have access to exclusive content and resources, discounts on merchandise, the ability to save your favorite content to your profile, and engage with others who live Second! Join now!
  4. Start conversations by using I Am Second materials to reach out to others, bring restoration to individuals and communities, and, ultimately, to share the message of I Am Second in your community. You can find all kinds of gear at The I Am Second Store. Most importantly, live Second where you are!
  5. Share by telling us how I Am Second impacted you. Share it with us here, leave a review on Facebook, share and tag us on social media, or simply tell your friends! 
  6. Support the work of I Am Second financially, if you can. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others live Second, and we can't do it without the financial support of people like you.